Hunter's meditation - Finding what you need to thrive (English)

Hunter's Meditation: Finding what you need to thrive. | Susanna Kubarth, Graz / Vienna / Austria
Finding what we need.

Hello traveller! Here is another impromptu meditation. I call it the "Hunter's Meditation". It is about tracking down what/who you need in order to prosper, now.


Hunting, in this practice, is not seen as a violent act of killing an unwilling prey. Rather, you will learn to establish a loving connection of mutual respect, agreement and benevolence between you and whatever/whomever you long for. I truly hope this practice serves you and brings you joy and fulfillment.


So, what do you need in your life right now? Satisfying work? Deep connection? Outrageous friendship? Peace and quiet?


I have just the thing for you!

About this meditation

This is a powerful practice. Please honour yourself and the teachers who passed these techniques down to us by preparing for this experience. It isn't long, but it can be intense.

Make sure to be undisturbed, fully present, and approach your practice with a collected mind and a humble, open heart. Thank you!



  • Meditation starts at 11:16.

  • About chief DANCING THUNDER: I will introduce you to (a tiny part) of a traditional ceremony of the Susquehannock people. I had the privilege of learning this practice with their chief, Dancing Thunder in 2011. To learn directly with this excellent human being, go here: www.bluejay.eu/schamanen/chief-dancing-thunder/ [german site]

  • The book I'm talking about in the introduction is available in German only: "Einander finden", by John Selby. It's an oldie but a goodie! A really nice resource if you're interested in developing your healthy hunting instincts in daily life.

Wanna go hunting with me?

Come join us for the FusionLoveFest in May, taking place in Lower Austria (Wechsel)!

We'll fly high with Acro Yoga, activate our creativity with Mudra flows, and connect to our Path of Power in sweat lodge ceremonies.


It would be a treat to meet you there. 

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Der KritzelProphet: Mein verspieltes Online-Orakel und Kartendeck ist da! Mehr zum KritzelPropheten.


Die 3 Tabus: Workshop zu den Tabus "Geld, Sexualität & Essen". Mit Manuel Harand & Susanna Kubarth. Mehr zu den 3 Tabus.


Altweibersommer: Yoga & Coaching Retreat für Frauen. Mit Manuela Grundner und Susanna Kubarth. Mehr zum Altweibersommer. 

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